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Vahlbruch Midboost Boutique Effect Pedal

The "Midboost" is a pure 100% analog, hand-build, highly versatile booster pedal. It offers you a gain adjustable mid-frequency boost, ranging from 0dB up to 25dB. Compared to common graphic equalizer units, the corner frequencies and the filter quality factor (Q) of the Vahlbruch "Midboost" are perfectly adjusted to optimal values for electric guitars, so there is no need for long knob twisting sessions. Also the maximum gain of this pedal is much higher than what usually equalizers can provide.

If you are playing a singlecoil equipped guitar, the "Midboost" can easily create sounds similar to humbuckers  but also already humbucker-loaded guitars can benefit much from an additional midboost! Soloing gets much more defined and will cut through a complete mix, pushing the front end of your amp at mid-frequencies harder. There is no flabby low end or ice-picking top end, just a sweet singing and fattened mids content.
The overall volume increase can easily be balanced by using the "Volume" knob of the pedal.

The "Midboost" circuit is set up completely discrete. This means that your signal has not to travel through millions of gates in an integrated circuit (opamp) but is rather guided the shortest way through only a few dedicated and hand-selected audiophile transistors.

The pedal has a true bypass switch for perfect signal transfer without any tone loss. A blue LED shows you the on/off status. You can use a 9V battery to power the pedal or an external standard 9V power supply (ring +, tip -). The power consumption is approximately 10mA.

The "Midboost" pedal has NO pcb-mounted jacks, NO pcb-mounted footswitch and NO pcb-mounted pots! This certainly means more effort building the pedal compared to industrial mass production but it´s truly worth it!
Like all Vahlbruch pedals the "Midboost" is hand-made utilizing only the best components available worldwide for high-end tone and years of trouble free operation.

100% pure analog - made in Germany.