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Vahlbruch Fusionizer Boutique Effect Pedal

The "Fusionizer" is a pure, 100% analog and hand-build compressor pedal for electric guitars. The pedal is highly flexible and can be used for various techniques like country style chicken picking, singing feedbacks at low playing levels or extensive lead playing. The "Fusionizer" fattens up to tone and makes it shine - really the final touch that makes your tone sound professional.

It´s amazingly simple to use, only two controls are required, labeled as "Sustain" and "Volume". Setting the "Sustain" knob at 9 o´clock is a good starting point for main rhythm playing. For lead start experimenting with the sustain control set around 12 o´clock position. This gives you the desired sustain level with a nice and balanced compression effect of harder attacks and expansion of notes you may played too softly. The "Volume" pot controls your pedal output volume. The effected signal can either matched to unity gain level or the volume can be boosted for solo work. The output signal can be high enough to overdrive your amp input. The "Fusionizer" can also be used as a booster simply by having the "Sustain" control rolled nearly all the way back and the "Volume" control maxed.

Whatever kind of compression you are looking for - it´s just two knobs away! It´s a highly flexible pedal and the range of compression sounds is very, very wide. I´m sure you will find your sweet spots!

The pedal has a true bypass switch for perfect signal transfer without any tone loss. A blue LED shows you the on/off status.
You can use a 9V battery to power the pedal or an external standard 9V power supply (ring +, tip -). The power consumption is approximately 15mA.

The "Fusionizer" pedal has NO pcb-mounted jacks, NO pcb-mounted footswitch and NO pcb-mounted pots! This certainly means more effort building the pedal compared to industrial mass production but it´s truly worth it!

Like all Vahlbruch pedals the "Fusionizer" is hand-made utilizing only the best components available worldwide for high-end tone and years of trouble free operation.

100% pure analog - made in Germany.